Car Security System How to protect a car without interfering with car wires and systems?

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Car thieves are getting bolder. Naturally they do not stop at beautiful classic vehicles. Since the insurance replacement is often little consolation maybe this new system by Wibou could help - at least in the garage at home.

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The new Anti-Theft System by Wibou can report suspicious activities from your garage.
The new Anti-Theft System by Wibou can report suspicious activities from your garage.
(Image source: Wibou)

There are many car or home security systems but a new one comes from Wibou. Its main advantage is that no installation in the car is required. However Wibou's system therefore acts only at the location where the corresponding sensor is mounted – on the ceiling in the garage at home, for example.

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The sensor can be activated and deactivated via smartphone. Wibou uses the smartphone’s unique identification system to allow multiple users to control the car’s alarm simultaneously, so that authorized persons can unlock the car’s position. Any other unauthorized movement sends an alert to the phone immediately.

The Wibou system works on the basis of a motion detector and is able to distinguish between a normal and undesired movement. The second element is a GSM-module or email receipt is required. In addition, an IP camera would be useful. Yet the system is not in serial production. Please visit kickstarter in case you are interested in supporting this project.

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