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Color Sensor for Mobile Devices Improves Accuracy

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By measuring the CCT and brightness (lux) of ambient light in a system, consumer electronics devices can automatically adjust the color tones of the display for the best viewing experience under varying lighting conditions and behind attenuating dark inked glass or spectrally distorting materi-als. By adjusting the display’s color tones and hues, the device can make images appear more vivid, more natural or more calm under any changing lighting conditions.

Four independent Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), one for each of the RGB channels and the fourth shared between the Clear and IR channels, enable simultaneous sampling of all four channels, thus eliminating CCT and lux measurement errors in fast-changing lighting conditions. The TCS3490 sensor’s photodiodes have a radial structure to create a uniform and optimized response irrespective of the angle of the incident light, especially when placed under a circular aperture.

A level-shifter style interrupt pin enables the sensor to alert the applications processor when pre-set light and color measurement thresholds are crossed, eliminating the need for continuous I2C bus polling, and thus reducing overall system power consumption and extending battery life.

‘The consumer electronics touchscreen display is a key competitive battleground, and manufacturers can win by differentiating their brand with a more intelligent display management capability. The TCS3490 five-channel color sensor enables manufacturers to make their display’s colors look more vibrant and engaging, as well as easier on a user’s eyes in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. That’s because its CCT measurements very closely match what the human eye perceives as color and brightness,’ said David Moon, Senior Product Marketing Manager at the advanced optical sensors division of ams.

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