electronica 2014 ATP to Present aMLC (advancedMLC) with PowerProtectorPlus Tchnology

Redakteur: Holger Heller

aMLC with PowerProtectorPlus technology provides both high reliability and data integrity, suited for write intensive applications.

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ATP announced its new aMLC technology for its NAND flash storage product families. For the beginning, the product families will include 2.5" SSD and slimSATA/mSATA embedded modules. Other form factors may follow later on. ATP’s aMLC with PowerProtectorPlus technology enhances reliability, endurance, performance, data retention, and data integrity capabilities onto their NAND Flash storage to meet automotive, industrial automation, and other demanding industrial operation requirements.

The modern automobile navigates direction, collects data, communicates with vehicles, and even links to other devices to enhance the efficiency of traffic management. Therefore, reliability and long-term data integrity are critical to automotive applications. ATP offers the advanced firmware technology, aMLC, to transfer NAND Flash from four states of MLC to two states. Due to its greater cell disturbance margin and subsequently larger program/erase cycles, overall performance and data retention have greatly improved.

For the automotive and other industrial applications, ATP provides the Wide Temperature (WT) DRAM solution, which utilizes the IC Level tests and the system level burning in-tests to ensure that the products meet and exceed extreme WT (-40 to 85 °C) operating conditions with industrial grade quality and reliability.

ATP will also reveal its new “Power Cycling Test Demonstration Kit” at the booth, which further validates the industrially renowned ATP PowerProtector under sudden power-down situations, where most products without ATP PowerProtector usually fail.

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